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Honeycomb production according to customer specifications.

HoneyComb Systems manufactures a wide range of fillings of honeycomb for many sectors of the economy, among other things for the transport industry, aerospace and many other commercial applications. 

Our patented technology is used in products as diverse as solutions used for filling the panels and building construction, construction materials or plating in various means of transport such as ships or aircraft, rolling stock. 

There are many applications and limit our ability to customer’s imagination.• 

A modern manufacturing facility is located in the region of Podkarpacie, 20 km south of the city of Rzeszów. Our factory is equipped with modern laboratory research – development, efficient production equipment and production process is monitored by the quality control program.• Senior technical staff has extensive experience in the research and development of high-quality honeycomb filling method. They work with design engineers to develop new solutions to technical problems.• 

In addition, HoneyComb Systems engineers provide customers with assistance in processing special: Unusual configurations and specifications of the product are welcome. We are happy to also meet the more demanding needs.The variety of material design solutions for complex assembly.

Honeycomb since the first use of U.S. military technology in the forties, was introduced as a so-called internal filling „Sandwich” structures in airframes. From that moment on Honeycomb has become a very important product in aviation and industrial applications.• 

The characteristics: lightness, strength, durability and environmentally ecological sensitivity, meets the requirements of a wide range of applications.• Honeycomb has been, particularly nowadays, a catalyst for many other completely new solutions and products.• 

Some features of Honeycomb:- a high strength to weight ratio in the construction of „sandwich”with high aerodynamic efficiency- a high ratio of external surface area to the total volume- a constant power density under the pressure / pressure- equal distribution of power within the structures of the pressure of the „sandwich”- unparalleled stiffness,- excellent fatigue properties, – excellent thermal and acoustic insulation,- resistance to fire,- resistance to corrosion and moisture,- composite nature. 

Honeycomb was also extremely versatile solution for the production of simple and complex curves.Thanks to its high strength to weight ratio, honeycomb helped to improve the operation of vehicles and equipment aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, sports (Formula 1) and other important products and aerospace industry and defense first and foremost.Today, new materials such as composites and advanced composite processing technology greatly expanded the use of a flexible, one-of-a-kind component, today called Hi-Tech.Production Systems in HoneyComb

The honeycomb is produced in accordance with the interdisciplinary nature of the technology, which uses indifference in conjunction with a variety of materials: paper / cardboard industry, plastics (PVC film) metal (aluminum foil) present in the form of continuous ribbons / rollers and high-tech composites.The geometric configuration provides a unique characteristic in combination with the properties of the materials used. For example, materials normally not used for the carrier may be used to obtain a significant saving of weight. 

The two most common methods for the production of honeycomb is „extended” form-the form of unstable, subject to stability in the stretching device and method of corrugated expanded that connects the nodes in the material with an adhesive binder honeycomb before expansion to its characteristic shape. The method combines pre-formed corrugated material at the nodes.Ability to manage technical parameters i.e., proper selection of thickness, density and the nature and type of filling can be extremely varied and there is the possibility of producing a wide range of products from a honeycomb.All our products are subjected to rigorous testing for durability, integrity, strength and resistance to damage. All our products are made of materials not subject to corrosion, erosion and other environmental impacts, if necessary.

Examples of commercial applications.

We offer the following products with a paper honeycomb filling 1. CD cardboard honeycomb paperboard-based Kraft filled with typical honeycomb.2. Cell plate filled with honeycomb paper for HPL laminate3. Cell plate using plywood with phenol film on the surface of fiberboardcell plate can be produced on the basis of all the material available on the Polish market, such as raw plywood, varnished, lacquered plywood coated with phenol film as a surface material in the media in the CD / dim. Discs can be: hardboard, painted plate, a plate HDF.The above description is illustrated in the pictures:

Filling materials 

Honeycomb-based plastics.

Structure of the honeycomb-type film using PVC as a material filling – enhancing the production of all kinds of vessels and other structural systems requiring resistance to weather conditions and resistance to the environment.Honeycomb structure with AL foil. (aluminium)

These structures are used in lightweight sandwich structures constructed with a lightweight aluminum metal used in military technology (helicopters decks, planes, and many other maritime and land uses).